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Quality Steps To Rid of Silverfish Problem

If you have ever encountered a silvery legged insect scurrying along the baseboard or in around the baseboards of your kitchen or bathroom, you probably have a Silverfish infestation. Silverfish or fish moth as they are often called, are small, wingless insects that have a silvery light grey and blue color and have a fish-like appearance to its movements. It’s primary diet includes carbohydrates like sugars or starches.

Though Silverfish are not considered dangerous creatures, but a silverfish can lead to big issues they are unpleasant to have around the house and if not properly dealt with can quickly overpopulate and become a large issue to contend with. They generally feed on anything with cellulose, this would include paper or books, dead skin and other starchy materials – especially wall paper. They prefer warm, humid spaces and thrive in dark wet places. The best way to deal with Silverfish is to make your residence less hospitable for them to want to live with you.

It’s important to first identify where the silverfish are coming from or where they may be lurking. They are a nocturnal insect in nature and primarily only come out when it’s dark so you may never actually see them during the day. However, you may notice their droppings inside cabinets and along baseboards etc. since they look like black pepper. Other signs include yellow stains on clothing, cereal boxes, fabrics and other cellulose based materials which would indicate you have a silverfish problem. Silverfish also shed their exoskeleton from time to time so this would also be an indication of their appearance.

Silverfish Prevention

Exhaust Fans

One of the best means of silverfish control is prevention. Since silverfish are drawn to moist humid environments, it’s best to make sure your home does not welcome them in with open arms. The best option would be to set the fan to run at times when there is a lot of noisy activity in the home or when people are away. If this is not an option then considering purchasing a high-quality low-noise exhaust fan for the home. It’s benefits will outweigh any annoyance or electrical costs by keeping your home more comfortable, free of excessive moisture and prolonged damage from moisture loving insect and micro-organisms like poisonous molds and mildews.

Crack Sealing

Seal all noticeable cracks and crevices in foundations, walls and make sure weather seals around doors and window are in good shape. If silverfish and other insects can’t find a way into your home that’s more than half the battle won already.

Remove their Food Sources

Removing their favorite food sources will make sure if they are passing by they won’t want to make your home their home. Seal all food sources in closed plastic containers. Don’t’ leave stacks of paper lying around on the floor and clean up wet and dirty laundry before it sits too long.

Vacuums Up

Vacuums are one of the most useful tools for cleaning, and they are also equally useful in keeping silverfish populations under control. Vacuum cupboards, drawers and anywhere else silverfish may be hiding, their eggs, or their food sources and chances are you’ll never get an infestation.

There are several home remedies as described in this article that you can use to help eradicate silverfish, though it is recommended you use a qualified Pest Control Adelaide company for best results.

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